Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019!

2018 was not a quiet year for news, and it wasn’t a quiet year for Street Contxt either! We were busy building new products, scaling our infrastructure, and continuing to focus on driving value to our users – you! In 2018, we had a banner year for platform usage.

Users of Street Contxt are now sending to over 410,000 unique contacts at 65,000 unique firms in 161 countries. Those users are sitting in over 19 different countries around the world. In total, we registered over 36,000,000 email interactions, which included over 2,500,000 links being clicked. That’s a lot of research!

Now firmly into 2019, we’re focused on driving a few trends that we believe will shape the future of Capital Markets. First and foremost is personalization. With the number of data points and the depth of client engagement data steadily increasing, the focus will turn to leveraging those data points not just to drive actionable insights, but to continually personalize the client experience. This could mean suggesting content to distribute, re-target your content to new clients, suggesting clients for event invites, making client subscription or interest updates, and many other elements to personalize the client’s experience based on engagement. We want Street Contxt to be a key partner in delivering tailored experiences to your clients.

The other trend we’re seeing ramping into 2019 is leveraging engagement data as a whole to keep an up to date view on your client’s interests. Manually logging preferences and tickers into a CRM is so 2018.

Looking Ahead

Improved Reporting

Looking to create more complex visualizations with your engagement data? Street Contxt is launching a new Reporting Engine in 2019, which will be going into beta early this year. You’ll be able to set up powerful custom reporting in a flexible framework, and even schedule reports to be automatically delivered to your inbox! If you’d like to learn more about the beta, or get early access to this powerful engine, get in touch with our product team.

Mail Merge

You asked for it, so we’re building it! Mail Merge is coming to Street Contxt in 2019. We’ll allow you to customize email content based on the recipient, giving each of your clients a personalized experience that stands out.

Thought Leadership

Street Contxt gets the privilege of working with, and speaking to, some of the largest firms in capital markets, and we want to help share this perspective with you. We’ll be launching a new thought leadership initiative this year around some of the major trends we’re seeing, and how you can adapt to them.

The Year of Data & Personalization

There are more exciting features planned for 2019, all in the vein of helping firms leverage engagement data in ways that help drive personalization, and deeper client engagement. How your clients are interacting with you today should impact what they receive tomorrow – allowing you to deliver an experience that is continuously adapting to their interests.

Thanks for making 2018 a terrific year! We look forward to supporting and working with you in 2019 to drive your business, as we move to continue to strive to bring email intelligence to the capital markets.

Happy 2019,
– The Street Contxt Team

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