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Street Context makes sell- and buy-side teams better at what they do, where they do it: their inbox. With seamless distribution and engagement insights, we help you maximize your time and make every conversation count.

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For Markets

Salespeople across asset classes save time and get more proactive about client coverage.

For Research

Distribute formal or informal research faster. Use accurate email intelligence to measure impact.

For Banking

Get personalized emails out quicker and build stronger client relationships.

For the Buy-Side

Going on gardening leave? Changing roles or moving to a new firm? Easily port over your relationships.

The Only Email Intelligence Software Built for Capital Markets

Globally Present

Proven with Bulge Brackets all the way down. Our industry expertise helps our partners focus on what matters: gaining an immediate and long-term competitive advantage by having the right conversations with the right people at the right time.

Say Goodbye to Everything You Hate About Email

Information flows through email. But it’s a time suck.

You lose precious hours to menial tasks, searching for workarounds, and rage-clicking through irrelevant information.

Teams are left wondering: What’s important? Who should I talk to? What will get me ahead? Without context, it’s up to best guesses.

Transform Email Into an Engine for Smarter Conversations

Street Context delivers everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The Evolution of Email Has Arrived

Cover Clients More

Hit up the right clients at the right time. Street Context empowers you with industry-best email insights to build relationships, bolster rankings, and drive performance.

Reach more clients in less time. Ditch the distractions and focus on high-value activities by automating low-value tasks from your Outlook or CRM.

Ready to build efficient, competitive, and informed teams?

Manage Email, Manage Relationships

Free your inbox of noise and take command of your flows. Claim your industry identity with Street Context to provide contact or preference updates seamlessly across brokers.

Never miss an opportunity. We help you nurture relationships with high-value experts, trusted confidants, and responsive trade executors.

You’ll become the most connected, competitive firm.

Word on the Street

“Street Context has completely changed the way I work … It gives [me] the ability to accurately tailor service for specific clients … removing much of the guesswork in our role and amplifying our efforts to better outcomes.

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