Turn Email Into a
Source of Timely Conversations

You use email daily; don’t let it be your blind spot. Get real-time insights on what’s gaining traction so you can cover clients more effectively and maximize revenue.

We also cut the distribution frustration, so you stay ahead of the game.

Everything You Need Without The Clutter

Manage the Team’s Distribution Lists

Seize control of your lists and contacts. Enable cross-team list management and finally clear out the inactive contacts.

Distribute Commentary and Products

Send bulk, personalized 1:1 emails from any mail client — you never have to leave Outlook.

Track Contextualized Engagement

Receive real-time engagement and readership trend data down to the contact, account or email.

Make Targeted Follow-Ups

We’re not just analytics — we’re your action plan. Use insights to target follow-ups or optimize future content.

Don’t Settle for Generic Email Tools

Actionable Insights for More Informed Client Service and Strategy

Don’t waste your client’s time. Real-time insights make it easy to hit up clients when it’s timely and relevant. Street Context provides engagement insight down to the contact, so you can make every conversation count.

Work as a Team — Across the Desk or Division

Share insights so the right person can follow up with clients — and you can have the greatest impact.

New Email Functionality for Better Client Coverage

Discover the slickest way to send to and manage lists. Street Context delivers everything that you wish Outlook and CRMs would do.

Effortless Contact & List Updates

Connections are everything. Ditch the stale contacts from your lists and CRMs at the click of a button.

The Street is Driving Smarter Conversations

150+ partners, from bulge brackets down, across every major asset.

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“Since I started utilizing Street Context, I have noticed a meaningful uptick in client engagement and work efficiency. The service provides sales members with a view into what clients care about and are interested in. Street Context is a sell-siders steroid.

Implementation Without Barriers

Concierge Services

Our account teams work with you to understand your business and unique systems. We run live setup and best practice sessions and provide ongoing 1:1 support.

API and CRM Integrations

Integrate seamlessly with any CRM or business intelligence tool to streamline workflows, automate data entry, and power your systems with structured client consumption data.


Built for the most sophisticated banks and broker-dealers. We take security and compliance as seriously as you do, to meet even the most stringent requirements.

Why Leave Follow-Ups to Chance?