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Regular email communication helps you stay in front of and top-of-mind with clients.

But only Street Context turns your emails into a source of intelligence. You’ll know what resonates with each client without overhead or email administration. It’s the smart way to find and start that next big conversation.

On the Hunt for Your Next Deal?

You want to stand out, stay top of mind, and ensure your clients feel well serviced. 

But email today is an operational nightmare. One where you pass Excel files back and forth to update lists, and agonize over formatting on clunky email campaign tools. If you invest the time in content, you should see the returns.


Street Context's Email Insights page showing a variety of email readership insights

Let Email Work Smarter for You

Street Context turns your emails into a source of intelligence and opportunity. Send directly from Outlook, personalize communications at scale, and automate administrative work so you can focus on what matters: driving and developing relationships.

How Street Context Drives Business

Discover Deal Opportunities

Understand what clients focus on and where you can lean in to help. Leverage engagement insights from the entire Banking division plus Markets and Research to drive timely, relevant follow-ups.

Source New Revenue

Looking to build a new relationship? Know when prospects engage with your email so you can segment them based on needs, and drive smart conversations.

Automate Administrative Work

No more contact cleanup. No more sharing logins to send. No more lists in Excel. Powerful automation makes your life easier, allowing you to focus on high-value activities.

Nurture Client Relationships

Send personalized notes, invites, or commentary with a fraction of the effort. Automate personalized subject lines, greetings, and senders to look high-touch. This is what working smarter, not harder, looks like.

Your Peers Love Us

“Street Context has been instrumental in the marketing efforts launched for my team and has helped streamline our communication strategies with our clients and product partners.”

Find Out Why Banks Switch from Marketo or Pardot to Street Context

Power Your Emails —
No Matter Who Writes Them

MDs & Directors

Analysts, Associates, and VPs

Executive Assistants

Banking COOs

Marketing Teams

MDs & Directors

Analysts, Associates, and VPs

Executive Assistants

Banking COOs

Marketing Teams

Even the Bulge Brackets Agree: We’re the Easiest Software to Implement. Ever.

Built for Bankers

IBD, ECM, DCM – product or advisory group – Street Context is designed for you. We don’t add steps to your process; we remove them. You won’t have to leave Outlook or enter data into your CRM.

Dedicated to You

We have a team of email experts to get each team member up and running in 20 minutes, sending your first email. We’re always around to make sure you receive maximum value and return on investment.

Compliance Approved

We’ve implemented with institutions big and small. So don’t worry; we can meet your InfoSec and compliance requirements. We’re SOC II certified and work within Reg. FD.