Driving Data Driven Client Conversations During Macro Uncertainty

I was having a conversation with one of our top users last week at one of our largest clients (a sales user) who shared an interesting evolution in how he is using Street Context: given the macro conditions, he’s evolved from just sending out just a morning note, to sending a shorter morning note, and adding in an afternoon update and post close ‘recap’ – a strategy that he insists is giving him more insights and data to have timely conversations with clients. Sometimes that means sending out three different emails in a day. 

At first, the change of behavior took me by surprise – that’s a lot more overhead and a lot more work, but as I reflected on it, the strategy made more and more sense to me. These are chaotic times in the markets – major indexes are swinging between massive gains and losses in a single day, and sometimes multiple times within a day. Markets are sensitive to news, and headlines are evolving rapidly. The more touch points you can have with clients, the more focused and relevant the conversations can be. The more relevant the conversations, the more the opportunity to add value to their investment process. 

Over a year ago, I got into a discussion with a global head of equities about the value of email. He stated that “he wanted his salespeople making more calls, not sending more emails” – a fair concern. What I pointed out to him was that he wanted his salespeople making better calls, and that by using email intelligence, they could do that. He brought his global sales force onto Street Context. When the markets are uncertain, and clients are ingesting information at a rapid rate, it’s more important than ever to make better calls. The more intelligence you can gather, the more targeted and relevant those calls can be, and clients will thank you.

That salesperson I mentioned at the start has already adapted – switching from one morning blast to multiple blasts throughout the day to surface up client insights and become more focused with outreach and conversations. We’re reaching out to our users and clients to suggest they do the same: use email intelligence to make better calls.

Send. Follow up. Repeat. 

If you do one thing today, have it be this: if you see something material, collect your thoughts through the day, or have a moment of clarity – send it out, and leverage the insights to drive timely and targeted conversations. Rinse and repeat as much as possible. During chaotic times in the markets, it’s more important than ever to be targeted with clients. 

Leverage the data you have – ask us and our team if you need help synthesizing or thinking through how to structure it – we’re always available. Rough waters are when great relationships are built, and when great client service shines through. 

As always, we’re here to help navigate these uncertain times and chaotic markets

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