Keeping Your Important Clients in Focus: Introducing Priority Contacts

All your clients are important to you, but there are always those key clients that you want to keep a closer eye on, whether new prospects, or existing relationships. The VIPs. The ones you want to pay closer attention to. With that in mind, we’re excited to announce that our latest product update will bring Priority Contact Management to all our users.

What will Priority Contacts do for you?

We built Priority Contacts to make sure you never miss a beat with your most important clients.

Think about it, how do you track new prospects and relationships? How do you stay on top of important clients? How do you make sure that your franchise list always gets enough attention?

Priority Contacts helps with all of these. It helps you keep a closer eye on the clients that mean the most to you at any given time, away from all the noise of large lists and blast sends. You can now easily highlight and break out engagement data for your key contacts, tracking their engagement across various views within Street Context including email, contact, and list views. 

When you designate a contact as a Priority Contact, they will also automatically be added to your Watchlist, ensuring that you receive a daily email update highlighting their interactions and engagement. Not only will you get relevant insights about your most important contacts in  Street Context, but they’re also delivered straight to your inbox.

Sounds great, how does it work?

Adding contacts to your priority list is a breeze. You can do it directly from your contacts view or anywhere they appear throughout the platform. Simply locate the star icon next to their name and click it to designate them as a priority.

Want to change your focus? Removing a contact from your priority list is just as effortless. By clicking the star icon again, anywhere the client appears, you can remove them from the list just as quickly as you added them.

You can update your priority contacts as often as you want. 

How would I use Priority Contacts?

You know which clients you’re keeping a pulse on, and we just make it easier to do that. Here are a few ways you can use the new functionality (but this is just the beginning):

  • Keep tabs on a new prospect – instead of calling them every morning, wait until you see them show up in your Watchlist (which you can see on the platform and will also be sent via email). No need to call every morning, instead, wait until the time is right.
  • Pay extra attention to a franchise client – everyone has those clients that they always want to better engage with, and provide that extra level of service. Star a franchise client so that you can follow up on any engagement, even from old emails. Use that interaction to drive a conversation, set up a meeting, and add value
  • Concentrate on a new client – building a new relationship? Make sure you are timely with a new client, understanding their engagement, and using that to deliver value and drive smarter conversations
  • Focus on a transaction – add key contacts to your Priority list, then follow up with them around a transaction, whether a deal, roadshow, or event

At Street Context, our goal is to provide actionable insights that help you drive smarter conversations with your clients. By introducing Priority Contacts, we hope to help you manage your time and network more effectively and focus on the connections that matter most to you.

Start using Priority Contacts today and experience a new level of engagement tracking within Street Context. We’re excited to see how this feature will positively impact your daily interactions and help you stay connected with the people who drive your success.