Street Context for the Buy Side

You got an email from Street Context on behalf of one of our buy-side clients and you want to know what it’s all about. We’re here to help!

Street Context has been powering smarter conversations for the sell side for over 12 years and, after hundreds of requests from funds across the world, we’re proud to introduce our broker relations solution to the buy-side. By making it easier for broker relations teams to manage subscriptions and preferences for their investors, we make it easier for PMs to access your research, corporate access, and commentary so they don’t miss out on the information that matters most to them: yours!

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Why am I getting emails from Street Context?

Why are you getting emails from Street Context (1)

You’re the sales coverage or relationship manager for one of our clients. By using Street Context’s Broker Relations solution they’ve streamlined their change request process to automate and standardize these requests. The person who sent you the email is in the process of:

Why is the buy side doing this?

Broker relations professionals have been wasting hours on manual processes in Excel and Outlook, issuing requests that are near impossible to track or follow up on. Those days are over, Street Context helps the buy side:

Why is the buy side doing this (1)

What is Street Context building towards?

What is SCX trying to do

Street Context is focused on powering the email infrastructure that connects the Capital Markets. We already work with 130+ brokerages, helping them intelligently distribute information to their clients. By centralizing investor profiles and requests in that same platform, we are making it easier for funds to ensure their investors never miss critical commentary or opportunities by connecting them to the larges ecosystem of broker dealers in the world. We make it easy to:

What does this mean for me?

What does this mean for you

Want to learn more?

If you want to learn about our roadmap or how you can programmatically reply to requests contact us